Instant Funding & Two Step Challenge Rules and Trading Parameters from 01/01/2022

01. What is this prop trading means ?

When it comes to forex trading in order to trade and earn  profit  from forex you have to deposit  money with a forex broker . prop trading means you don’t need to deposit money with a forex broker where prop trading firm provide you an account for trading and make profits. there are some rules and regulations attached to your account. but there are many prop firms around the world and there are many traders working for them too. our company  also operates as online prop trading firm and as a forex trader you can join with us and can  work remotely in order to earn an income .

02. What is this instant funding and two step challenge ? what is the difference ?

Instant Funding-

Which means you get the account access as soon as you pay the fee. this is one time fee only. you will be given the trading account as per the payment you made. you can earn the profit from day one. you have to follow the rules attached to instant funding accounts .

Two Step Challenge –

In here you have to show that you can trade hitting the target in two trading accounts one after other. in the 1st stage you need to hit 7% from the balance and if you pass it you will get the second account where you need to hit 3.5% in that account. there are no minimum or maximum day limits when it comes to hitting the targets in any of the stages.  when you pass the two stages you will be given a new account where you can earn profits from day one and there are no target attached with it .


03. How to join with your company ?

When you visit our home page you will see there are  eight trading account products available you to select  under two sections  . you can select an account balance from 5K to 400K. in order to get access to an  account you have to pay mentioned  joining fee .  example- you need to pay 99$ one time fee to have access for 5000$ instant funding trading account .

To pay the joining fee you can use your debit or credit card . all the payments are secured by stripe payment gateway. further if you wish to pay joining fee using any other payment systems such as Bank Wire, Crypto, Perfect Money , Wise  or any please contact  our support team  .

Joining fee for  is not refundable under any situation for the instant funding accounts .when it comes to two step challenge accounts , your joining fee will be refunded with your 1st profit withdrawal  . 

04. How many account can i have from your company ?

You can have many account as you wish . but total balance of all the account is capped at   5 Million USD for one trader .

05. What is the leverage of the trading account?

For Instant Funding Accounts : Maximum Leverage is 1.50

For Two Step Challenge Accounts : Maximum Leverage is 1.100 (Including the live stage )

06. What is the Daily or Maximum Loss Limit / Drawdown of these accounts ?

This is applicable for both Instant and Challenge accounts !

Equity of your account must not go below 10% of any given time. example – lets say you are having 10000 $ account and your equity must be above 9000 $ or above. if the equity go below anything below 9000 $ you will lose your account . 

We have do not have any daily or relative drawdown limits . maximum drawdown is the only rule you have to keep in mind.

07. Is there any dashboard or system to Monitor our trading accounts in case of breaking rules ?

Yes, you will be given a tracking link after signing in with a instant or challenge account. if you have multiple accounts you will get separate link for each account .

08. What if happen if we lose the account by breaking any rules ?

Nothing happen . but you will lose the  account access and you have to pay again and buy another account if you wish .as we have mentioned you are not liable for loses .

09. What is the profit split or profit share that trader get ?

Instant Funding Accounts – Trader get 80% from the profit made in the account

Two Step Challenge Funding Stage – Trader get 90% from the profit made in the account 

10. What is the payout day ?

You can get your profit split every week. You can receive your first payment within a week when it comes to instant funding and challenge  accounts . however your account must be of 5 days of age by the Friday  in order to be eligible for a payout  .Payments request will be accepted after the Friday market close and  processed within 24 hours after receiving .you may contact our support team and should submit your  withdrawal request with your details and withdrawal methods .

Please note that all the running positions including pending orders must be closed and stop trading  before making  the  profit withdrawal. 

You can resume trading in the account ones we accepted the withdrawal . support team will be update you regarding the starting the trading again within hours.


11. What are the methods that we can receive our withdrawals ?

we process withdrawals via bank wire , crypto , perfect money, skrill, neteller, paypal  mainly . if you need to get paid using any other ways we are open for that too. please contact us for more assistance .

12.what about maximum and minimum trading days ?

Instant Funding Accounts :  There are not any maximum day or minimum trading day rule .you can ask for the withdrawal by Friday if your account just old by 5 working days.

Challenge Accounts :  No maximum day or minimum day rule at any stages (Step 1,2 and live )

13. Can we trade during news events ?

Yes , you can . we do not have any restrictions for news trading. 

14. Can we hold trade during weekends ?

You can keep open trades during weekends. 

15. What are the restrictions for running trades ?

Actually we have not restrictions anything  . Please refer to below details 

Lot Size – You can use any lot size with any pair if the margin  allowed to do so 

Number of open trades – you can keep open any number of trades if  the margin allowed to do so 

Same trade in multiple accounts –  lets say you are having multiple accounts with us and you are placing same trade in every account. so its not a violation .but maximum total account balance you can have from our company is 5 million usd only 

Stop Loss and Take Profit placement – No need to place them , but keep your eye with the equity since there can be unexpected moves in the market any given time 

Martingale and trading strategies- No restrictions  


16. How long does it take to process our withdrawals ?

After you communicating your withdrawal request to us we  need 24 hours to check it for rule violation. after that we will process your withdrawal and we will let you know about that. depending on your withdrawal method it can take up to 2-3 working days to reach the funds to your wallet.  but payment requests such as crypto , skrill , neteller can reach your wallet  within two days after making the withdrawal request  .

17. Is that Hedging ,EA , Copy & News Trading Allowed ?

Yes, you can do whatever you want with above .

18. What are the Trading Platforms and the Brokers we can use for trading ?

We offer accounts with IC Market Broker at the moment. you can have the account such as MT4, Mt5 or C trader . You will be given a Demo Account that has been connected to our live accounts via copy trading software . Any profit you make in this account will be eligible for profit withdrawal .You no need to worry about thinking it as a demo account since we pay for the profits .


19. What are the instruments that I can trade ?

We offer accounts with IC Market Broker . you can trade any trading  instrument they allowed to trade 

20. How long your company in this business ?

Actually we used to be a fund managers  and as a unit we are doing it at the moment too. we got large amount of funds recently there for we wanted to increase our traders capacity . therefor we  launched this prop firm early 2022 . 

21. How we can scale up the account ?

Scaling is eligible for every account . any stage you hit 10% profit in your account you can ask for double your account balance.  you can withdraw any profit you make in your way to 10%.  we do not ask you to hold profits in the account .  For the 1st scale up , your account must be old at least 10 working days and there after no restrictions for   upcoming scale ups. 10 working days does not mean that you need to place trade every day. Example – you can hit the target in one day and can stay without trading another 9 days and then ask for scale up.

For any further information please send us an email: [email protected]

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